SpeakYourMind.ca is an initiative of Democracy Education Network, one of Canada’s leading civics education organizations.

SpeakYourMind.ca provides key skills and information to help youth, and everyone:

  1. determine their own conscious and unconscious biases, and root causes of their biases, and how to keep their biases in mind when learning about anything;
  2. figure out what is real and true about any issue or problem that concerns them;

  3. make up their mind about what changes they want to help solve whatever problem or concern they have, and;

  4. help them make their voice heard to try to convince government or big businesses to make the changes they want.

If you are a teacher, please go to the For Teachers page for information about how to register and download free unit and lesson plan materials to teach the SpeakYourMind.ca program in your class.

If you are a student, ask your teacher to use the free SpeakYourMind.ca materials in your class.

Everyone else, you can access SpeakYourMind.ca materials and book workshops for your organization by sending an email to: info@speakyourmind.ca

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